BesTV:The First public-listed Company in the Domestic Radio and TV Industry

BesTV New Media Co Ltd (SHA:600637), a subsidiary of Shanghai Media Group (SMG), launched its IPO on the Shanghai Stock Exchange on December 29, 2011, as the first new media stock in China.

BesTV New Media owns 100 percent equity of BesTV NetTV Technology Development Co.,Ltd, Shanghai Media & Entertainment Technology Group and Shanghai Film, Radio & TV Production Co.,Ltd. BesTV has also radiated its investment in some network enterprises, such as Shanghai Information Investment Inc and Funshion Online. Besides, the company has also established a joint venture with Lenovo, China's largest personal computer maker, and ZTE Corporation,a leading global provider of telecommunications equipment and network solutions. All of these has led BesTV to build the largest new media industry cluster in China.

BesTV New Media Co Ltd is principally engaged in the provision of technical services, content services and marketing services for TV terminals, computer terminals and mobile terminals through media source platforms. The Company's main businesses include Internet protocol television (IPTV) business, mobile television business, smart television business, network video business, broadcasting integration business, as well as movie, television and multimedia production business.

BesTV operates its business in more than 20 provinces and cities in Chinese Mainland, Southeast Asia and Africa. Its market capitalization ranks first in the cultural media sector of China's A stock market. In 2013, BesTV entered "the Shanghai and Shenzhen 300 Index constituent stocks" sequence, becoming the emerging blue-chip company in China's TMT industry.

BesTV is the pioneer and founder of Chinese IPTV business model. In 2005, Shanghai and Heilongjiang Province were chosen to be the earliest pilot cities to build local IPTV platforms. After lots of explorations, it has recorded substantial breakthroughs in both user size and technical innovation in its IPTV business. By now, BesTV has already grown into the world's largest IPTV operator with more than 16 million effective IPTV users.

Seizing the development opportunity of smart TV, BesTV built the first integrated Smart TV operation and service platform, achieved more than 10 million smart television terminals docking at home and abroad and activated more than 3 million users. In June 2012, HD 3D smart TV set-top box, developed independently by BesTV, was put into massive production. In November 2012, BesTV got 2 million OTT STB serial number license plates awarded by the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television. It actively leads the market transformation and takes the lead in building OTT business model. So far the OTT set-top boxes have been on sale through multiple channels, which will steadily promote the widespread use of smart TV. What is more, BesTV increases investment in the construction of cloud TV platform, aiming to build an smart television platform with tens of thousands of applications.

In 2004, BesTV established the first broadband network television platform among the TV stations in Chinese Mainland and also built the first network TV brand named SMG Broadband Broadcasting. In March 2012, BesTV invested Funshion Online, the first-class Internet enterprise, promoting the linkage between television and network. Funshion Online owns a total number of 200 million users.The click rate ranks among the top five in domestic counterparts and its annual business growth has exceeded 70 percent in recent years.

In 2005, BesTV built the first mobile TV platform in China. In 2010, BesTV completed the system transformation of 3G mobile TV and was upgraded to a comprehensive mobile Internet application platform. Also, BesTV has cooperated with China's three telecommunications operators, different kinds of mobile terminals and application systems in financial industry, as well as launching audio-visual and application service platform.

BesTV has always adhered to legitimate operation. Based on 13 open channels, 31 digital television channels and feature channels of SMG, BesTV also invests vigorously in purchasing program copyrights both domestically and overseas. So far, BesTV has accumulated 500 thousand hours' high-quality copyright programs, nearly one fifth of which are HD programs. BesTV has the largest SD, HD copyright archive, it's the quality and quantity of which keeps BesTV as a leading role in Chinese Mainland.

After years of operation and management, BesTV has become a global leading compamy in new media field. It possesses more than 200 technology patents in EPG, DRM, social TV, remote-controller, set-top box, etc. In 2010, BesTV exported new media technology software to France Télécom. In June 2011, the company started its internationalization strategy. BesTV international company was founded and Telekomunikasi Indonesia took part together to begin multi-screen service. In 2012, one of the BesTV research projects was elected into the Chinese Core electronic devices, high-end general chips and basic software products projects, indicating BesTV's entering into the national key technologcial enterprise camp.

BesTV has worked enthusiastically to develop comprehensive strategic partnerships with leading manufacturers through close cooperation, with the purpose of building the bridge between television and telecommunications industry, sharing industry opportunities and realizing common development.

The dream cannot come true without a team. BesTV employs 1,500 people distributed across China to provide competent service to partners and users. BesTV staff aims at turning dreams into power, turning ideality into belief, and turning ideas into practices.

In May 2012, BesTV established the first new media research institute in China. In October 2012, BesTV and Shanghai Jiaotong University jointly set up BesTV College, starting cross-border research and personnel training in the field of new media. All of these endearvors will support and boost BesTV's long-term success.

Smart TV, together with intelligent network and smart media, will build human life more beautiful in the future. BesTV's mission is exactly to create the new uses of television.